Filling a Consumer Complaint

Before filling out the Consumer Complaint form, please read the following instructions carefully so you will have a better understanding of what our office does and what type of information must be included in your application form:

  • Ministry of Commerce, Department of Consumer Affairs is mainly responsible for protecting consumers against fraudulent goods or services which can seriously harm the consumers and cause their property damages within the legal circumference.

    (On the complaint form, you need to fill out the valid information of Complainant, Business information (file to complaint) and the brief description of complaint.)

  • Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible to assist consumers’ inquiry regarding your consumer complaints. Please contact us if you wish to ask about consumer protection matters.

  • Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible to settle the complaint cases regarding the goods or services only used for the purpose of personal, family or household purposes, and advertisements; offer for sale and sale promotion with such kinds of purposes by the Consumer Protection Law.

  • We will not settle the complaint cases of (the business person to business one) a business, or a person running a business and the business concerning goods or services for the purpose of business.

  • We, in the Court of Justice, will not make any resolutions like the consumers’ complaints that are being investigated under the relevant departments or other organizations which have an authority to give the final decision upon those cases.

  • Department of Consumer Affairs will transfer some of the complaint cases to relevant Departments or Organizations if they are fallen under the scope of another jurisdiction.

  • If you submit a complaint form, you are requested to include the necessary documents on the act of purchasing of goods or services such as contracts, receipts or invoices together with those documents. Apart from those documents, we do not need any personal financial information that is not related to your complaint, if included, leave it blank.

  • You are responsible to cooperate with our Department by answering/replying our phone call or e-mail contact.

  • This complaint and the information provided will be used in efforts to resolve the problem and will typically be shared with the party complained against. The department will maintain the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Please do not click the browser's back button. It will wipe out all already-filled information.

Use the PDF version of the form

We also offer consumers three options for submitting complaints.

Option 1: Download the printable Consumer Complaint Form (PDF). Next, fill it out by hand (make sure to sign and date it in the space indicated) and mail it with any copies of all supporting documents (not the originals) related to the complaint to: Department of Consumer Affairs, Building 52, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

Option 2: Download the printable Consumer Complaint Form (PDF). Next, fill it out by hand (make sure to sign and date it in the space indicated) and scan it to save as "PDF or JPG" format. Then, e-mail the form and any additional supporting documents (not the originals) related to the complaint in PDF or JPG format attached to doca-

Option 3: Fill out an online version of the General Consumer Complaint form. Instead of “Next” button, have a button called “Start a New Complaint”.

Consumer Information

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required and must be completed in order to proceed and submit the complaint form.

Please Note - You have (10) minutes to finish and submit this complaint form. After (20) minutes, the session will be expired, and the information you entered will be lost. Please be prepared to attach relevant supporting documents within the permitted time.

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Business Information

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Discription of Complaint

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If you checked the 'Reject' option, for further assistance, DOCA may not be able to provide assistance fully


Regarding the filed complaint case, the responsible staff from DOCA will contact the complainant by a few phone calls within three days after the complaint file has been submitted for further investigation or additional information. If the complainant fails to receive those phone calls, the case will be automatically closed.